GABRO is a young man of 21 years old and comes from the Tusheti region, more precisely from the village of Bekhela. He is a very good rider and we can easily say that he was born on a horse. He is responsible for the horses, the logistic matters and helps us to take care of everybody. He is a very experienced mountaineer.  

  TATO is a young Tush of 18 years old and comes from the village of Vestomta. He won a lot of horse races called Doghi. He helps us a lot with the horses and as well as Gabro he takes part in the logistic matters and looks after the trekkers and riders. He started working with us very young and is now very well trained. He speaks little bit English and certainly more than he will show you! Be carefull he understands a lot!!

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Georgia +995 599 075 195 (from 2017)
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