are not a big travel agency but quite simply a sympathetic business which makes it possible to share with you a moment of relaxation in different scenery.
We live amongst the last ethnic semi-nomads of Georgia in the High Caucasus, the Tush people.

The Tusheti is, without doubt, one of the last Georgian mountain regions where you will still sense a breath of Shamil, be bewitched by the mysteries and impressions of the life of the locals.
You will be filled with wonder by the simplicity and the beauty of this life in symbiosis with the natural elements around it. 

The region of Vaschlovani
 is remarkable in its jigsaw of micro-ecosystems and will amaze you by its biodiversity. When winter shows its signs the Tush shepherds transhumance and settle themselves at the snow’s edge, the rhythm of the seasons. 
Every spring we accompany them towards the summer pastures.
When you choose a hike, horseback trek, a botanic discovery, a circuit round the wineries or the very fine combination "Art of Living", our wish is to take you on a journey through the countryside for you to absorb the Caucasian atmosphere, to take you into the magnificent wild countryside. 

In total immersion with the Tush you are going to meet them, join in their daily life, their traditions, pass time in traditional houses……with and as them. 

will share rare and authentic moments because the journey, much more than a sumptuous panorama, will become real when in contact with the local population. It is much more than a jaunt because one adapts, touches, tastes and savours.
Thanks to our linguistic skills you can communicate with everyone.

The stays which we propose and put together have been carefully prepared and perfected. We have knowledge of the territory, the language, the legends and the ancient pagan traditions, the way Caucasian society functions and the shepherds who surround us.
Most of the time we keep off the beaten track in the real country because of the great  importance to meet the locals; we also allow a few days to learn about the cultural heritage of Georgia which helps to understand the country through its history and how it is run before plunging into the depths of the Caucasus.
From the handling of your bags on your arrival to our organic local cuisine, we look after everything to make you visit as enjoyable as possible.
Finally, to guarantee this reception, to ensure the quality of the visits, and obviously for logistical reasons we only take small groups; we employ locals and buy our products directly from them thus participating in the micro-economy development. 
We are also involved in supporting tourism and, via the ‘Roddy Scott Foundation’ in the education of Chechen children in the Pankisi valley. A very big dream of Stina Scott and Vladimir Lozinski without whom the school would not have seen the light of day.

For more information on the ‘Roddy Scott Foundation’ visit:
Who is Roddy Scott: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roddy_Scott

We wish to share our passion for

travel with you, discovery, meetings, nature, wild slopes, tribes with ancestral traditions and horses, and always that
little wisp of curiosity which takes the traveller a little further!


  Gia and Audrey   

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