After more than 13 years in the Caucasus area, Audrey has decided to set up new expeditions from 2017 in the northern part of Azerbaidjan (the southern part is also planned) and Abkhazia. Plenty of beauties, each place offers some historic, ethnographic and cultural singularities. Her aim is to give the people coming with her the possibility to experience the long term travel feelings within a limited time. Therefore she recognized some secluded and beautiful itineraries, places of interest, arranged the logistic, met the local people but nothing is planned in advance :

"We will build the travel once on the spot" making the trip unique. This special travel takes place once a year and some of them are scheduled according to some rituals or traditional festivities like the old horse polo game in Abkhazia. 

Audrey's words : Expect nothing, experience it! Delightful feelings but also difficulties. Those experiences asks for a lot of flexibility and a good physical condition.

Ride with the Lezguians, an ethnic group coming originally from Dagestan, on the high plateaus, up in the lost valleys, beyond the summits and passes of the Azerbaijan Caucasus range. This wild horseback trek leads us to the village of Tats, a tribe originating from Persia. As its neighbors Azerbaijan surprises by its great ethnographic, linguistic richness and its various ecosytems. It is also the land of contrasts : In the old city of Baku the 15th chirvanshahs palace defies the ultra modern glass buildings while some of the 19th century oil barons buildings are still resisting to the modernization. The former oil brownfield site and the Qobustan desert contrast with the green slopes of the Caucasus Mountains while the mud volcanoes detonate at the edge of the Caspian. And some singularities: Azerbaijan is the only country of the caucasian chain where one crosses the Caucasian chain of the southern slopes to the north slopes, which knew 3 Arabic-Persian alphabets, Cyrillic then Latin in less than a century ...

From the Caucasian summit shine the black sea and the glaciers of Cherkessia. The coastline and piedmont plain represent only one quarter of the whole Abkhazias surface area. The sweetness of the sub tropical weather in Soukhoum i, the trees which bowed down by the weight of the fruits and the architecture treasures are an invitation to chill out. The mountains offer extraordinary and wild expeditions: Due to inaccessibility of the region you ride in the very wilderness through an untouched nature over incredible passes, along canyons, known as the ones of deepest of the world, on the high plateau and through some beautiful birch and beech forests. At least but not last you enjoy the very old equestrian games which take place only twice a year.

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